How to Download TikTok Videos? 2024 Ultimate Guide

Last updated: Mar 20, 2024

TikTok, a widely embraced social media platform, boasts an impressive user base of over one billion individuals. Its rapid rise to prominence can be attributed to its innovative concept of crafting captivating short videos for entertainment.

Every day, thousands of videos flood this platform. TikTok offers a gateway to the latest trends and entertainment. The continuous growth in the videos available on TikTok has propelled it to become the second-largest video-sharing platform globally.

In this article, we will explore the legality of downloading videos from TikTok and show you how to download TikTok videos without a watermark.

Check the details below.

Why Should You Download TikTok Videos?

How popular is TikTok?

Let’s make it clear in statistics.

As per the report by Demand Sage, TikTok stands as one of the leading social media platforms, boasting 1.1 billion active users spanning 160 countries. Globally, TikTok has a staggering user base of over 1.677 billion, with 1.1 billion users engaging every month. Furthermore, over 1 billion videos are viewed on TikTok every day.

Given the vast quantity of videos available, some may be removed due to violations or disputes. It would be incredibly distressing to lose cherished videos that have been removed before you have a chance to save them. Failing to preserve those TikTok videos that is significant to you could be frustrating.

It may sound disheartening, but it is a reality in the ever-changing world of social media platforms, including TikTok. In essence, you can be the lucky person who has access to the deleted TikTok video, even if it's only for a brief period. This is precisely why it is crucial to save TikTok videos that hold immense value to you.

Is it legal to download TikTok videos? This is the biggest concern for people wanting to download videos from TikTok.

It all boils down to the legality of the situation. If you're downloading TikTok videos for personal use, like watching them offline or for educational purposes, then it's completely legal. However, if you plan on uploading these videos to other platforms, it's important to seek permission from the content creator, just as we would when quoting sources in our thesis papers. Respecting the intellectual property rights of creators is crucial, and as long as you do that, you're good to go.
However, you may download TikTok videos and share them for profit or upload them to another platform without any addition. In that case, it will be seen as violating copyright laws, and you may face legal action.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark?

TikTok is a super popular social media app, and guess what? It also has a website version. But hey, if you like to watch stuff offline on your computer, then you should definitely check out Itkool Video Downloader. It's like a magic tool that lets you download TikTok videos without any annoying watermarks, and the best part is it keeps the original quality intact. Plus, with its batch download feature, you can download all TikTok videos without a watermark. So go ahead and give it a try!

In the following section, let’s talk about how to download TikTok videos without watermark on PC and Mac.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark on PC?

Download and install Itkool Video Downloader on your Windows.

Follow our instructions below:

Step 1. Get the video URL.

Navigate to the official website and find the desired video. Right-click on the video and choose Copy URL.

Step 2. Confirm the URL.

Launch Itkool and a pop-up will appear prompting you to confirm the copied URL. Click on the Confirm button.

copy the TikTok video URL

Step 3. Download the TikTok video.

Choose a quality option and click on the Download button. It will be saved on your PC quickly.

choose the video quality

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark on Mac?

The same, you need to download and install Itkool Video Downloader on your Mac. Launch the program. Follow the steps below:

Method 1. By Quick Search

Step 1. Find the TikTok video.

Play the desired video. You will find a blue Download button.

Step 2. Download the video.

Click the Download button and choose the format and quality to download the video.

Method 2. By URL

Step 1. Copy the video URL.

Just copy the TikTok video URL and let the program do its magic. It will automatically detect the URL and ask if you want to download it. Just hit Confirm to proceed.

Step 2. Choose the quality option to download. There is no watermark on the downloaded video.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Save Option?

Did you know that TikTok has a handy feature allowing you to save videos offline? While you're enjoying the videos, keep an eye on the lower right side of your smartphone screen for the 'Share' option. Just tap on it, and then select 'Save Video' to download it immediately.

Unfortunately, you can only use the built-in download option if the original video creators have allowed it. So, if they haven't enabled the 'Save Video' option, you won't be able to download it.

So you're probably thinking about how to download TikTok videos without the Save option, right? Well, fret not! All you need is the fantastic Itkool Video Downloader app, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This nifty tool allows you to download any TikTok video quickly while you're watching it. Just install and launch the app, follow the instructions, and give it a whirl!

How to Download All TikTok Videos by Username?

In this part, I will run you through how to download TikTok videos by username.

Need to grab all the video tutorials from a TikTok influencer? No worries! Itkool Video Downloader is the perfect tool to effortlessly download all or just a few TikTok videos by username.

Here are the steps:

Firstly, enter the TikTok username in the search box and navigate to the desired user.

visit the user's page

Secondly, access the user’s page. By default, it is the video playlist of the user. You will see a Download button.

Click on it, and you will see a pop-up window showing two options: download the first video or download the entire playlist containing X files. Choose the second option to bulk download TikTok videos.

download TikTok playlist

Thirdly, check the items, format, and quality. Click on the Download button to download all TikTok videos.

how to download TikTok videos

You can also uncheck a few items if you don’t need them. In a word, Itkool helps you download a single TikTok video, several items, or all items by username.

The Bottom Line

We’ve covered the legitimacy of downloading TikTok videos and how to download TikTok videos in different scenarios.

I hope that the methods come in handy for you.

Just a friendly reminder: make sure to use TikTok videos responsibly and avoid any copyright issues.

Good luck.

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